Tyler Knott x Love Vérité Necklace Set

Tyler Knott x Love Vérité Necklace Set


*PRE-SALE | In days long gone, sailors who braved the sea for 5,000 miles would reward themselves with the tattoo of a swallow.  10,000 miles on the waves, and a second tattoo would be added.  The swallow was a reminder that they too could return home safely.  With these limited edition necklaces, we are honoring that brave and adventurous spirit and urging you to sail off, across the dark waters, in search of every far off shore you’ve ever imagined.


-set of two solid brass pendants & gold filled 18” dainty chain with hand-signed Tyler Knott Poem

-both pendants can be worn side by side or stacked

-round swallow pendant poem: “Somewhere, across the dark waters, we will find home.”

-rectangular sailboat poem: “Teach me all you know of adventure, I will show you all I know of far away”

*This is pre-sale and all items will ship in 3-4 weeks

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