Why I do what I do.


I started jewelry classes on a whim because acting auditions were soul crushing and I felt a deep longing to create something I could hold in my hands. Day one, hooked. 

I love jewelry not because of the materialism, but because of the meaning and memories it has the power to evoke. Recently my grandmother passed, and now more than ever I feel connected to her wedding rings. They represent my grandfather’s unconditional love for 75 years. They were on her finger when my mother was born, when I was born. I remember feeling the rings against my tiny fingers when we would hold hands and walk through the zoo. Trying them on as a teenager at Christmas, huddled on the couch asking her again to tell me the story about how she married grandpa after a blind date right before he left for the War, and how she was so nervous to see him before he came home from deployment that she gave herself hives.  

In the monumental and the mundane, the rings were against her skin, the only material item she chose to wear every day, in every situation. I believe there's something powerful in that. I hope my pieces remind you that you are loved in every moment of your life, and that they too, are cherished long after our time here is done.

If I may be fully transparent as well - I'm interested in using these symbols to create beauty in the world beyond ourselves.

Each one of my rings helps a girl in Bangladesh stay in school and out of child marriage. It’s important to me that as we are celebrating so many western brides who have the privilege to marry whom they choose, that we give the same freedom to a child who doesn’t have the same opportunity. Thank you for joining me here. I hope that you stay awhile and say hello.

Jen’s Grandparents, Helen and Grant Frezieres, Malibu 1952

Jen’s Grandparents, Helen and Grant Frezieres, Malibu 1952


Why our rings are different.


We believe we cannot symbolize your love without respecting everyone involved in the process. 

We are committed to avoiding the human and environmental toll of mining.

We go beyond conflict-free by using diamonds that are cultivated in California from the Diamond Foundry & post-consumer gemstones.

We use recycled gold.

All of our pieces are made to order and crafted by hand in Los Angeles.

By the end of the process, our clients feel like family. We’re in this with you for life and are always a quick email away should you need anything.


Why we have a bigger vision.


Bangladesh has a higher rate of child marriage for girls under the age of 15 than anywhere in the world. It's a difficult truth, but in the time it takes you to read this paragraph, another two girls somewhere around the world will have been forced into child marriage. That's one every four to five seconds, as many as 25,000 girls every day around the world. As a company focused on the Western bride, it feels only fitting that we take on the responsibility to help end child marriage.

It's an incredible challenge, but in some ways the solution is quite simple: educate and empower girls who are at risk of exploitation. 

A beautiful non-profit in Bangladesh, Speak Up for the Poor, helps support girls in poverty and their families, empowering poor girls to stay in school and out of child marriage. Speak Up's Girls Education Program serves more than 1300 girls from 30 villages in rural Bangladesh, providing them with school supplies, academic support, and even a dormitory for high-school and college girls, allowing them to reach their dreams. By partnering with Speak Up, we can work together to break the cycle of poverty and child marriage, and grant girls the freedom to continue their education,  live their dreams and find true love when they are ready.

Because true love loves all.