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A symbol you can feel better about.

Custom Design. Conflict-Free. Helping to end child marriage.

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For Love & Truth (Vérité)

The old game - exploiting people, destroying natural resources, profit over people - is neither loving nor truthful. We believe your vows deserve a better symbol.

Your love is the most pure and beautiful gift in the world and we believe the ring that represents it should be the same. We create soulful, custom designs with the intention of capturing your essence. Our diamonds are conflict free and our gold is recycled. Our pieces are made slowly with the greatest of care in Los Angeles. And our heart is to help heal the world and keep girls in school and out of child marriage. So as you are starting your marriage, you’re preventing a girl doing the same.

We strive to create a symbol as beautiful as your story - one that has already created good in the world before it is ever placed on your finger.